8 Things.

Okay, it’s supposed to be ten things, I know. But here’s eight:

1.  I love love love having bare feet. Naked feet are the absolute best. 

Sadly, I also need my feet to be the right temperature, so bare feet are a summertime treat in London. Dave’s under strictest instructions, if I’m ever in a coma, to untuck my feet- too hot is as bad as too cold!

(If he is, I’m to make sure there are no loud clocks ticking in his room. We’re properly romantic, we are.)

2.  I am a “Desperate Wannabe” crafter- I daydream a lot, pore over many blogs, spend money on supplies that make me very happy indeed, but will never get used…

One day I’ll show you a few of my successes!

3.  I am banned for life from the YMCA of the Rockies, in Estes Park, Colorado. Whoops!

4.  I am intending  to home educate Henry and his future siblings. I’m excited by all I’ve found so far on the internet- blogs, resources, etc.  

So far the response I’ve had from almost everyone I’ve told has been some variation of, “don’t do it! He’ll turn out weird from lack of socialisation!” (All people who know nothing about home education.)

 I’m pretty much thinking of it as unschooling, though I have much research to do, and will probably not use this term, for fear of upsetting too many people.

Much more to come on this, I expect, and please please give me anything positive you’ve got!

5.  I have a complete inability to pick accents, and my own is totally muddled – 14 years outside of Boston, followed by 12 in Australia, 4 roaming the USA, based in San Francisco, and 7 just south of London. I no longer even sound the same as any of my siblings, and sometimes I forget how to pronounce things. Bowl/ball- problematic.

6.  I had a motorbike, once. For about a month. When I lived on a tropical island. With no paved roads. 

7.  I bought my wedding dress for £40, on eBay.

8.  My garden is one of my great joys. I don’t know what I’m doing, but some things grow, anyway. As well as a bunch of pretty stuff, I am currently attempting blueberries, cherries, strawberries, potatoes, rosemary, thyme, oregano, sad parsley stalks where the slugs partied on the rest of the plant, sunflowers, runner beans, (or they may be broad beans, I forget,) carrots just starting to sprout, and cucumber seeds in a tray. And something we rescued, sprouting in the compost. I’m hoping they’re watermelons.

And even better than growing food- worms! Henry calls them “Ermies.” Oooh, we love them. I took an egg-carton full as a house-warming present recently- still amazed that wasn’t more of a hit. They had a garden.

Right, if anybody wants to suggest Thing 9 or Thing 10, please, be my guest!

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2 Responses to 8 Things.

  1. Meggles says:

    Hi there Suebee.
    Ben was a product of home schooling. He was well grounded, well loved. He graduated with a science degree (heading to a medicine degree) when he left us. You are a great teacher. Go for it!

  2. Cang says:

    What about reciting poetry with Dad? Or how you learned sign language and continue to teach Henry? Or the stint driving in Massachuesetts, or on the Green Tortoise? Or all the fibs you told your little sister when you were younger (not anymore, of course), and let her believe unfailingly.
    I can’t think of anything good, but I really love this blogging thing, nice to hear about things you’re planning and doing. It’s cool.

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