Bank Holiday Weekend, Part One

Well, Henry and I went and picked up his new bike seat on Friday, (he keeps pointing to it, saying “bike” and signing motorcycle, complete with brrm, brrm noises- I hope he’s not going to be too disappointed!) and then stopped at Morden Hall on the way home.

Lovely lovely National Trust property. Our camera was still lost, so I’ve pinched this pic from their website-

I can do that, right?

I’ve been there three or four times, with a school trip, and alone, and have still never made it much beyond the entry gates- as well as a lovely cafe and gift shop, there’s an amazing garden centre I could get lost in for days. And behind that is a big fish shop (word? Zoo is to pet store as aquarium is to ???)- Henry was beside himself with excitement.

Gorgeous boy, he got a bit carried away playing with the gravel on the paths, and threw a handful into a display of water plants. I took him out, (he’d had some warnings,) and he had a bit of a meltdown, not terrible, but some crying and screaming and kicking. Recovered fairly quickly, and a good five minutes later said to me, “srow” and mimed throwing, and then “horry,” and signed sorry. Love.

Saturday we had a day at home, pottering about. I went grocery shopping, they popped out and bought a telly.

See, we had a headache on top of this big telly cabinet in our bedroom. Shoulder-height piece, (I loved being able to shut the doors on the telly, but now it’s full of camping gear, toys and craft stuff,) with a big old telly on top, and a DVD player, lamp, house phone, hair dryer, just a pile of crap with cables everywhere, and other stuff shoved there to be out of Henry’s reach, and impossible to dust. Yuck. So, Saturday morning I suggested to Dave that I’d like to get it sorted, get rid of the old telly and clean it off.

His response was that he could go out and buy a new telly immediately. With Henry.

Now, don’t get me wrong, anything that involves Dave and Henry going out without me, I’m all for, but I didn’t necessarily think buying the new telly was step one of this process.

I was wrong. It happens.

Now it’s late, and I’m off to bed. I’ll tell you about lovely Sunday soon. It involved a castle! Sleep well, my dears.

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