Bank Holiday Weekend, Part Two

Hey, hey, it’s 7:40, Henry’s in bed, Dave’s out for dinner with a work do, the toys are kicked towards the walls in each room, and I have time for the computer!


So, Sunday. Forecast was for lovely weather, and we needed a proper outing- we’re serious homebodies and struggle to get going. We went and wandered around a lovely little village called Lewes, down near Brighton, an hour from here. I’d been there once, ages ago, and vaguely remembered a “Fifteenth Century Bookstore” that I thought Dave would like- that was enough to tempt him out of the house!

And it has a castle! With all the good stuff- bloody history, views, gardens and dress-up clothes. What more could you want?

A camera, I guess. Well, Dave found ours! In the car, as we were getting out, at home. Oh, well. And yes, I do have vague memories of putting it there.

And today, we went with new friends to Priory Park, in Reigate- I thought they were crazy to suggest driving over a half hour for a park, but it was amazing. Huge kids’ playground, with a whole end of sandpit, pirate ship, climbing walls, zipwire, etc, etc, in the middle of a grand park, with duck pond, swans, gardens, gardeners with excellent machinery with wheels and blades and flashing lights, lawns forever, hmmm, that camera would have been a good idea today! Well, we’ll just have to go back. For you guys.

What a lot of things there are to love, around Croydon.

And here’s an old pic, in case anyone needs a laugh.

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