A Rug and A Something

I’m quite pleased with these:

Though I guess I have to share the credit for the one on the left, with Dave and Henry. He’s not finished yet, anyway, despite what my brother Bones says.

Here’s another thing not finished:

I started a bigger rug, and got bored. (I just found it in a box in Dave’s folks’ basement- I don’t think it counts as decluttering if you shove it all there while nesting, so now I’m trying to go a step further, and cull some stuff.) I’ll never finish this one, so what do I do with it? My best idea so far is a table runner, but as you see, it’s a bit awkward, and also will be awful to keep crumbs out of. Any suggestions?

And because I’m so pleased to have the camera back, here’s the painting that fell on Henry a couple months ago. Now it hangs in the kitchen, and there’s nothing above his bed. (Lived in San Francisco- you’d think I’d be cautious about hanging stuff above the bed!)

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1 Response to A Rug and A Something

  1. Meggles says:

    How about a hall rug. It would need to be much bigger though. Are you up for it?

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