Photos from France

We have a new camera. It looks a lot like the camera my folks had when I was a kid, and I feel like a grown-up, using it. Or at least, I feel like I will be a grown-up, when I have learned how to use it.

So, we took it with us to Dave’s folks’ place in France last weekend. Here’s a few of our 1200 shots.

A little boy’s new castle.

With the best view he could ask for!

And checking out something Roman.

Perfect holiday?


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2 Responses to Photos from France

  1. inner pickle says:

    oh my. can i move there please?

    • wanderingsue says:

      Yes, please! The house and gardens are just lovely, they’re making an amazing job of it. I would love to live there for a year or two one day, and let Henry learn French, but I guess that would take away a lot of the holiday feel…
      Love to you all!

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