Wonderful Croydon

Okay, as per the original point of this blog, here’s some things we’ve really been appreciating about Croydon, lately:

1. Craft Group. The council funds these things called Croydon Family Groups, which are better than I could have dreamed up! Basically, it’s a play group, but the kids are in one room, with staff, and the Mums are next door, with a proper craft teacher! Oh, man, it’s pure love- Henry has a blast, and I am surrounded for 2 hours with friendship and inspiration. We’ve done a heap of things I would never have tried, plus there’s room to bring your own project, and cups of tea. Is there ever a better cup of tea, than one a friend brings you while you’re chatting, and getting lovely things done, and your kid is happy nearby?

2. Water. We don’t have a drought. The British weather has it’s upside. Yeah, conserving water is still something I’m passionate about, but we can afford to do this-

(Well, crap. It turns out I need to pay to upgrade to the kind of blog that runs videos. Not likely! So be happy in the knowledge that I have a cute video of Henry watering the garden with a properly miserly stream of water from the hose.)

3. Trams. Henry gets very excited and calls them “damns,” which goes perfectly with chocolate, (“cock shit,”) and elephants, (“fun tits.”)

(Sorry, Mum.)

4. Kidspace. Okay, it’s probably great, especially for older kids, but it’s pretty expensive and not really our thing. I’m just feeling the love today because they did a Dads Go Free voucher for July, and Henry and Dave are THERE RIGHT NOW! I made my own cuppa tea, but it’ll do…

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