Panic Buying

A quick rant, if I may…

Yes, there’s a general strike on in France, yes people are pissed that they might have to work an extra 2 years before they get a state pension, (and no, they don’t seem to have any suggestions on how to make the numbers work if they don’t,) and yes, there have been some petrol stations running out of fuel, and some long queues as people try to fill up in case they can’t get any for a few days.

But let’s not call it panic buying, please. The media seem to love that phrase, with all it’s connotations of racing hearts and sweaty palms, and the real chance of sudden violence. This is just people sensibly planning ahead, and waiting patiently, in orderly fashion, (some of them sitting in their cars reading and stuff,) to avoid the inconvenience of running out later in the week.

Sensible. Calm. Mildly irritated, yes. Likely to start punching, throwing bottles, setting fires? No. Not panicking.


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