Henry and I are just home from our upstairs neighbours’ lovely wedding. (Dave’s at a stag do.) It was mostly great, with a few awful bits thrown in. I guess I’m spoiled by how wonderful he normally is, so today’s shouty-shouty was a bit hard to take. Especially the long long time spent in the 9 degrees outside the church- we initially fled our seats to the toy area, (when the initial announcements were being made, “please switch off your phone,” etc, she got to “there’s a children’s area,” and I’m thinking “please please don’t say the word Toys” and she did and Henry let out this piercing shriek- happy but so loud. That pretty much set us up for the day- happy but flaming loud.) so when we then fled properly to outside, (“The lady’s talking, Mummy. I’m a dingle dangle scarecrow, Mummy. Mummy draw a cablecar.”) my coat was still on our pew. 

Had a lovely chat to the bell ringers, though, and Henry had lots of fun gathering moss- he tried to collect it on my lap, but I convinced him a nice pile on the ground was a better idea.

Anyway, wonderful to be there, met some fabulous folks, Henry had a blast, but the day carried on like that. We finally ducked out when the groom began his speech with a remark about how it’s traditionally “the Speech of One Thousand Thank Yous,” and Henry immediately shouted “Fank You!” He got a laugh, so kept repeating it, and then as I carried him out was just keeping up this loud droning noise. Happy.


How do you shut a 2-year-old up? We got through the Bride’s Father’s speech by me whispering him stories- Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel. Turns out I don’t remember that one- why were they dropping breadcrumbs? What happened after the witch had them in the cage and was going to eat them?

He had wonderful Crayola washable markers, and did some drawing both on the paper I gave him and beautifully all over the front of his good white shirt. And one cheek. I tried to get a photo when we got home, but I think Dave must have been doing something interesting with the camera and left it on weird settings.

And that’s the story of today. Love to you!

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