My Newest Daydream

Hmmm, so, the flat’s not selling, and everything else I was daydreaming about seems to be true! Man, I love my life.

So, I’ve come up with a fabulous long-term daydream. See what you think of this!

Once Dave’s comfortable with this whole mad homeschooling idea I’m so keen on, (and more on that another day, but if you know us and don’t know about that plan, just please don’t panic. It’s all good.) and once Henry and Wensleydale, (who wont be born til April, and then wont be called Wensleydale anymore,) are just a touch older, I think we should buy an old bus, for rambling around the country.

I read some random science fiction novel when I was at Uni- not my normal fare, but I woke up at a friend’s place…

Anyway, in it, this young man left home and went off into the world (a world in which there are 5 distinct branches of magic,) to seek his fortune. He found himself in various little villages, where, coincidentally, a magician/sorcerer/wizard, etc, was struggling with some big problem-dragon, curse, etc, and needed his help. Each in turn then tried to convince him that he was gifted, and should stay and become an apprentice- he could be the best ever at that branch of magic. But none of them felt quite right, so he kept moving on.

So, in the end, (stop now if you’re going to read whatever this book is one day!) he learned one very random and specific skill or spell from each discipline,  and then fulfilled a prophecy that “one would come…” and saved the world from something dreadful (that I’ve forgotten) by combining these, in a very specific and cool way.

Like I said, not really into sci-fi, but it was easy to read, and cleverly twisted together at the end- not quite Jane Austen, but I enjoyed it. And since I’m so keen on quitting (jobs and other things) rather than becoming a master of anything, it kind of struck a chord.

But, what do you do with these, among other things?-

Teaching very non-mainstream primary education, (Milingimbi,) and severe special ed, (here in the UK,)

Bus driving with tour guide, cooking etc, (Green Tortoise,)


A little bit of hospitality, (Australia Park, my folks’ motel,)


Science Museum, and

Parenting, with “Education Otherwise.”

Well, obviously you buy a crappy old bus, ramble around the country, (and perhaps across the Channel,) following anybody’s whim, and you open an invitation to anybody that might want to hop on board for a while.

Sounds good, eh?

We could go to historic sites, cultural events, scientific places of interest, check out environmental things, social gatherings, head into Europe and practise languages, etc, etc, etc. We could pop in to visit home schoolers, perhaps stay a day or two if we’re invited, perhaps take them along for a ride. I’m picturing mostly parents/grandparents/whatever with kids, but perhaps we could take older kids on their own, short-term. Hmmmm. Definitely would like to use it as a big social event, and it seems that it would be a pretty affordable way for those that live far away to manage a UK holiday/educational experience.

I like the idea that it would be blogged about as we went, though maybe not by me.

I wouldn’t want to do it as a business, but would ask for some kind of contribution, on a sliding scale- could be fuel money, cooking and other chores, contributing food, entertainment, teaching us anything- music, crafts, naming the stars… Maybe share the driving, though I’d have to look into insurance and how that would work, massages, anything you can think of! Blogging. Mechanical help! Photographs. Invitations. Somewhere to shower! Tending the campfire, and maybe the kids.

I like the idea of a double decker bus, (well, who doesn’t want to drive one of those?) partly because we would want to section off part (perhaps the back half of the top) to be our private area, and could then set the rest up with a home schooling resource area, for those that are so inclined, and a nice seating/living area for while we’re driving, and perhaps to hang out in when it rains at our campsites. In my daydreams we’ll have to ask all our friends to bring tent/sleeping bag/whatever, and we’ll stop at appropriate places, but not try to give everyone a place to sleep onboard.

(It’s the sweet little UK- we won’t be doing 10 hour overnight drives like on the wonderful Green Tortoise!

Dave would hate it. Lucky it’s only a daydream.

We’d only go on the road when we felt like it, or had a good invitation! It certainly wouldn’t be a permanent home, (Goodness me I’m inspired by Tara at though- she and husband and 11-year-old have packed it all in to live in a motor caravan in the US! And they unschool! Check it out!) I would miss having a garden too much! Perhaps most of the Spring and Summer, popping in to home whenever we pass by, and we’ll see what’s on in the dark seasons.

I wonder if we could lend people the bus when we’re not using it.

So anyway, the fun of daydreams is in the daydreaming- you can run with this one if it appeals. (Though I’d be quite happy to watch and learn and visit occasionally if anyone wants to go with it for real.) Please tell me good ways to make the daydream better! 

Want to come?

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