A ten word sentence!

There was a time, not so long ago, when Dave and I were very excited that Henry put together a 5-word sentence. Can’t remember what it was, though I do remember that his friend Sean’s first was “Henry Miller bit Granny’s balloon.” Bang!

So, tonight he came out with one I want to remember, on the phone to Daddy, who is on the way home from work. “Henny and Mummy laughing about the chickpea in my nose.”

We were, too, although 20 minutes ago, after blowing and tweezers didn’t work, I had logged on to the NHS website, and neither of us were so amused. Then he did a great big fabulous sneeze.

Wonderful how these problems can solve themselves.

Now, here’s a family pic from Christmas, just because.

A couple of weeks ago, he had a marvellous spate of eating things he shouldn’t. Took a big bite of my vitamin supplement, chewed it hard and then gagged and retched for a while. Took a lovely bite of raw pumpkin which I had doused in chilli oil ready for the oven- that wasn’t a great favourite, either. The best was the day he just randomly threw up his lunch, about 10 minutes after getting down from the table- no apparent problem, not overly bothered, or seeming ill. But he came to me about an hour later and said very sternly, “Don’t eat food off the floor, Mummy! Make you sick!”

Well, yes. I wonder what it was.

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3 Responses to A ten word sentence!

  1. inner pickle says:

    How lovely to see you there – and Hi Dave! That’s a cracking post, I love it, most of all the fact you too have food on the floor on occasion. Oh who am I kidding. I have food on the floor all the time. Is that tuna over there?

  2. wanderingsue says:

    I hate hate hate cleaning floors, especially “big preggers,” as Dave affectionately calls me. (And is then a bit surprised that it’s not an acceptable way to describe someone at work.) I have a cleaner for 2 hours every Friday, so we’re pretty relaxed about eating things we drop, over the weekend. Beyond that, it’s getting a bit iffy.
    Love you!

    • wanderingsue says:

      Ha, that’ll teach me- about 3 hours after I wrote that, the estate agent called to arrange a viewing. For tomorrow, 9 am- 30 minutes before the cleaner can get here. So, I’ve made up with the hoover this evening, though not so much the mop. The place isn’t quite sparkling, but it’ll do.
      Perhaps we should consider renting it out, and renting somewhere for us, instead.

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