Well, what a lovely day. Henry went home with his Nan yesterday, and Lauren is out for a walk with her Daddy- first time in the sling. And I’m home alone! It’s sunny and warm and gorgeous, the windows are open, Les Mis is on, and I’ve been doing lovely little bits of getting stuff done.

So, yes, there’s some news. Lauren Agnes Miller, born at home on April 8, 7 lb 7, and happy and well. I am still on a high, 9 days later- exactly the birth we wanted, and a slight nose-thumbing to the medical-powers-that-be for suggesting a home birth after a caesarean at age 38 might not be such a good idea! I do so enjoy a good nose-thumbing.

Also, while we’re having news- we’ve accepted an offer on our flat! After 6 months on the market. It was quite a week. We viewed a bunch of places in the last 3 days and have happily confirmed that we can afford things we like. There’s plenty on the market, and we’ve found one in particular that we really like and will probably put in an offer tomorrow. I’m sure it’s everyone’s same old story- they’re asking the top of our budget and we’d want to make some changes, like add a conservatory, so not sure we’ll end up there, but no matter. We haven’t given it our whole hearts.

How could we, with these two?

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2 Responses to News

  1. Leila says:

    Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! Beautiful beautiful family!!

  2. Toushka says:

    Congratulations on the arrival of Agnes. I love that photo of the two of them together – gorgeous!!

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