…cowboy books.

“I am going to go with Gran to her house and there is going to be Grandpa at her house. And Gran has got all the cowboy books.”

We all slept til 8 this morning. The kitchen’s full of dirty dishes and hanging laundry, but I think we’ll cope, though Henry’s watching CBeebies- he might have forgotten that I know how to play, and read stories.

Henry wants to look out the window and see Gran’s plane, which flew out of Heathrow 13 hours ago. Plus we have heavy, low cloud. I don’t like his chances.

It was wonderful to have my Mum here. Lauren was one month old when she arrived, so changed a lot in three weeks- it is such a fun age. Henry’s ‘adjusting’ to sharing his life with a baby sister, and I had so many little luxuries- going back to bed when the kids were up at 6, meals out, afternoon naps, chores getting done, early nights without a crying babe. Yeah, so much sleep!

We had one lovely day out each week- a wonderful classical concert aimed at toddlers, followed by a wander through Borough Market, and a day each at Wisley, the headquarters of the National Horticultural Society, and Sissinghurst, the garden of Vita Sackville-West, now a National Trust property. We were also given tickets to The Wizard of Oz, (thanks so much, you guys!) at the Palladium, and had a fantastic time. Saturday evening in London, kid-free, Oxford Circus, Liberty, …

(Henry interrupted then, to ask would I like to read him The Gruffalo. Even turned the telly off. Would I ever!)

… so many wonderful things to remember.

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1 Response to …cowboy books.

  1. Jessica says:

    Henry is so grown up and still looking beautifully blond. It was lovely to meet your mum briefly while she was here, she is lovely, can I borrow her?

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