Took Lauren to the US Embassy yesterday, to register her birth, and get her a social security number and a passport. It was a lot more complicated than for Henry, and may not work out- I needed to prove 1 year of my residence in the US, for him, but need 5 years for her, of which 2 must be when I was over age 14.

Hmmm. I definitely did it, if you add all the little bits, but the blurry old stamps in my various expired passports are not quite clear enough to prove it. So they sent me home to find old pay slips and nonsense. Filing systems have never been my strong point, and I’ve moved house (and moved bus) a bunch of times since then, on various continents. And did I mention we’re moving house again this Friday? So, some things are packed. Some things are lost. Some things are a pain in the ass.

And do you know what the difference is? When Henry was born, Dave and I weren’t married! So even though they have the same mother and same father, her requirements for US citizenship are much stricter than his. How random is that?

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