And some outdoor pics.

Henry’s fabulous birthday campfire-

And watching fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night-

Loving these kids. Just not so crazy about being the Mum. You know?

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2 Responses to And some outdoor pics.

  1. inner pickle says:

    First, re previous post – Go Lauren!! 7 months and pulling to stand?! Awesome work. I think she looks fabulous. Bugger the push to the paed. Hold your ground! Your photos are wonderful. I love those kids too. And love the Mum. This year is the hardest by far, when the second is under 1. It can be diabolical in fact. Suddenly she’ll turn three and it’ll be so so so much simpler and easier. I remember in that year feeling like I was never going to feel like myself again, ever. But you will. xx

  2. Leila says:

    Sue, I wish for you: a few good friends, sleep, and maybe some vitamins? You don’t have to like being a mum. Just try to find the love in each day, because that’s all we’re given, right?

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