One Stone, Baby!

Had Lauren weighed today- she’s 14 lb 1! Hooray, one stone! (Something around 6.3 kilos, if you think that way.) She’s 7 months and a week, roughly the size of an average 4 month old girl, and has yet to double her birth weight. She has steadily dropped from a bit over the 50th centile, to just above the second, and now seems to be steadying out around the 8th.

Alarmed? Think maybe I should have been waking her up for a better feed all those times she fell asleep on me and I quietly cheered and put her down, for a couple of minutes to myself? Naughty Mummy.

The health visitors kept suggesting I could be referred to a pediatrician; I kept smiling and saying no thanks.

Nobody ever asked how I thought she was getting on.

She crawled 8 days before she was 6 months old. The day Henry was 6 months I left him on the sofa and he fell off on his head. Whoops! But it ensured I remember that at 6 months he was not moving much!

She’s been cruising the furniture for weeks- holding on with one hand, moving her feet along, turning from the sofa to the footrest to keep going. Burning some serious calories. We’re so completely not worried.

She climbs the stairs, all the way to the top, with no help. I don’t think she’s freakishly early, but she’s just so small, it looks bizarre.

I think she heard the Olympics are coming. Dave and I have 4 left feet between us, but so far she’s doing okay.

Good luck, freaky kid.


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