for Mum

I love you. Things are really good here- sunny days, and cheerful me, for the most part. Bob and Linda are here- watching football with Dave and the sleeping Lauren, and reading bedtime stories to Henry, respectively, and we’ve had a lovely relaxed day, and I’ve had just a little too much red wine. I just flicked past one of my fave blogs, called Our Mothers’ Daughters, (Like Mother, Like Daughter,) and thought about how happy I am to be yours. Thank you for being so lovely. I was kind of a toad sometimes when I was younger, but now I’m doing much better at being kind to people- thoughtful and easygoing. You are my role model. Thanks, Mum.

This is a completely unrelated photo I just pinched off Facebook (am I allowed to do that?)- my lovely Teddy Ballgame, lead driver on my last Green Tortoise trip, when I met Dave, is married! Hooray! Congrats, and so many happy wishes to you both!

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