Blogging Sober This Time

Good idea, huh?

Here’s another one- Google Kids. Henry asks me three-year-old questions, like, “Mummy, can you please tell me everything about deep down under our feet there is lava?” So we Google lava, lava children, lava for kids, etc. How about a symbol such as ~ followed by the age of the kid, (lava ~3) and the Google Kids system would just give you age-appropriate links? Somebody tell Google to do that, please.

He was in the bath last night, wondering why the surface of the water keeps moving. “Keeps joggling,” I think was how he put it. End of the day Mummy-brain: yeah, why? Experimenting with a squirty boat toy, part full of water so that it will only squirt if aimed at a low enough angle while squeezed. (Are you with me?) Then he’s figured that he can thrust it forward (is thrust the best word? I can never hear it without thinking of jet-planes, or porn,) and time the squeeze as he stops the forward motion- the bathroom gets wet, but there is so much going on in his head! I just love this stuff.

He found a dead bee, which tooks us on rambles through death and old age and hearts and wings and happy times, and counting to 87. He misses his Great Grandad. We were going to take the bee to our new group “Wild Things” (not Forest School, but may be one day!) but it got lost in his bedroom. “I threw it.”

Here’s a picture-

He said to me, “Mummy, those trees make a ten.” And then, a few days later, sitting at the dining table, looking up-

“It’s the number five!” (Sideways.)


We had the best day out yesterday- went with dear friends to the Dinosaur Museum, and then a picnic lunch and pidgeon-chasing, and then the amazing Science Museum! I only took 3 pics all day, and they were all of Catherine trying to set Henry and Sean up for a dinosaur photo-

She managed it, eventually. Skill. And look at that building. Fancy being allowed in there!

Does everyone in the world know that London’s museums are free? Brilliant. The basement of the Science Museum is set up for littlies, with water play, and, um, some other stuff, I think. Water play, on a sunny day, an ice cream, a train ride home, the aforementioned bath. Did I mention life is good?


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