My talented husband.

Dave has been asked to take wedding photos for his cousin, next year. How exciting (and flattering) is that? He’s really very good. And so interested in all the mind-numbing stuff about, um, well, about taking photos.

So, all the advice we’ve seen is, first, tell the couple to get a professional, and second, tell the couple, no, really, get a professional!

Having taken that into account, I think he’s going to do it. He’s playing around with a big new flash, and reading all sorts of photograph-taking books.

But the thing is, someone always seems to end up upset, even with a pro. Somebody’s left out of group shots, or something. And this is dear, dear family. I know they’ll be understanding, but gosh.

So, we’re thinking of lists, and different responsibilities for different helpers, and perhaps me doing the bride-in-her-underwear shots, and a speech early on introducing him and explaining his, umm, amateur status. “Please bear with us, and don’t leave without making sure Dave’s got you, and any groups you want.” That type of thing.

(Incidentally, I just this moment fixed a disastrous problem with a Lego fire engine ladder, and earned myself a kiss and a hug and a big “thank you!” He’s just declared that he will always remember that I am an excellent Lego fire engine fixer, and he is leaving the fire engine here for me to look after. I am to give him a shout if anything happens, like the ladder tipping over. “And Mummy, don’t put it in the bin!”)

So, any wedding photography wisdom, anyone, please? What stories have you all heard about things going wrong- what important pics were left out, that kind of stuff. (Technical advice welcome, too, I’m sure!) The couple are lovely- easygoing and sensible and happy, and we want to get it as right as possible for them!

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3 Responses to My talented husband.

  1. Amy Nelson says:

    Great blog, Sue! I agree, your husband is a genius photographer. We didn’t have a professional photographer for our wedding (we used one semi-pro photog friend and also a talented family friend). My best tip is to have the couple write down a list of the photos they want. For example: 1) Bride & groom with bride’s parents, 2) Bride with her bridesmaids, etc. Also make sure they include a picture of each table of guests. As you probably realize, being the photographer means you really aren’t one of the guests because you’re working and highly focused, not having fun and eating/drinking (we paid for our photog friends’ lodging during the wedding to thank them). I’d really recommend that the couple split up the duties between multiple family members, or have a professional photog taking the posed pictures and maybe your husband taking some candids.

  2. Your husband photos look really quite professional so I’m sure he’ll have no problem. I love wedding photos especially those casual shots of the guests and happy couple simply interacting and enjoying the day. So much more interesting than the posed shots in my opinion.

  3. Fi says:

    Dave’s photography is fabulous, really really fabulous, and that is one lucky cousin, I say.

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