Happy December!

It’s all going on around here! Crazy November family birthday good times, and chicken pox, and holiday flights purchased, and we had to take the kitchen door off to finally bring the fridge in from the utility room. How much do I love having a refrigerator in my kitchen?!

Just before the chicken pox Henry made me some “pictures” at his beloved Nursery School.


I just wanted to share my funny little advent calendar. It was inspired by this loveliness, though I didn’t read her instructions carefully enough, and made mine much more complicated than it needed to be! Definite modifications to make for next year, not least finding somewhere a bit wider to hang it!


So, yesterday we opened the first little paper, and it said to go in the afternoon to the town centre for the turning on of the Christmas lights. Well, chicken pox got in the way of that, but we turned it into a lovely after-dinner drive to look at the lights, complete with a petrol-station stop for Mummy to run in and get cartons of apple juice- our favourite treat. (We also needed bread and milk. That’s how smoothly things run around here!)

December 2? Bust open the chocolate tree…

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