Where We’re At

So, it’s been an exciting couple of weeks- really starting to feel like we have big kids!

On the Home Ed front, Henry was offered a place at a school I wasn’t so excited by, (when I visited, each of the 3 reception classes were sitting in a group, on the mat, being taught, the playground is rubbish- tiny and concrete, and I was told effectively not to worry, they don’t waste too much time playing, anyway!) so we’ve turned that down. Hooray! And, I bought tickets to HESFES, the summer festival for home schoolers! I am way too excited- last festival I went to was Burning Man. I wonder what similarities there will be…

And yesterday was Lauren’s last breastfeed. I’m feeling quite mixed- love love love breastfeeding, for all sorts of reasons, and would have happily kept going if I wasn’t so fed up. Night weaning had repeatedly not worked, and I just wasn’t appreciating it anymore. She’s 2. She was okay with it, a lot better than I expected. And one day I’ll sleep a whole night in my marital bed! Though it may be when I can convince Dave to take them away for a weekend without me. Anyone want cute visitors?

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1 Response to Where We’re At

  1. Lou Lou says:

    Exciting times ahead then! Cute visitors and Dave welcome to stay anytime – but I’m going away with you! 😉 x

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