The Tooth Story

Here’s what happened last week. On Wednesday after nursery school, we hopped in the car with Nana and went to Legoland, with our best friends. About a half hour before it closed, Henry fell on his face, (I saw it happen, and it looked ever so gentle. As he keeps telling people, having overheard me describe it, I didn’t put down my cup of tea, and I just walked to him instead of running. I thought he would just have a bit of blood in his mouth,) and smashed his front tooth.

How about I put the photo at the end of this post- it’s gross, so be careful not to scroll down that far if you really don’t want to see it. In fact, probably just stop reading now. (Nevermind- can I make the photos work? Nope.)

We took him to their first aid office- the folks there were awesome, and Henry was great, too. Brave. They couldn’t do much but let him rinse his mouth out, clean off his cut lip, give him paracetamol and offer us details of the nearest emergency dentist.

But I phoned our regular dentist and they could see him at 9 the next morning, so we just went home. Overnight was uneventful- he managed some soft dinner, and had a good sleep and yoghurt thru a straw for breakfast.

At the dentist, again he was so good. Sensible. The dentist took an x-ray and declared the tooth doomed, though I don’t think that was the word she used. She said she could pull it out under a local anaesthetic, but it would probably traumatise him off dentists for life, and offered instead to refer him to the nearest pediatric hospital. 22 minutes away, according to satnav, but about an hour and a quarter in London traffic. Plus, parking was hopeless, and then we got a bit of the very kindest runaround, as different people tried to figure out where we needed to be.

Once we found Max Fax (maxillofacial- there’s a Scrabble word!) they offered to see him 2 hours later, so we played a bit with toys, then went for lunch. (Nana and Lauren had stayed home. Did I mention how lucky I feel that this all happened the week we had Nana?!) It was all very interesting, wandering around, and kind of fun. (Dare I say, educational?)

Anyway, we went back, they offered 3 options- go home and wait for an appointment in a few weeks, go have him admitted now and wait around, probably til tomorrow, or let’s just do it now, with local instead of general. (Traumatised off that hospital isn’t so bad, huh?)

 (I have a photo to put here of him in the dentist’s chair, looking very cool in sunglasses.)

He agreed, without perhaps understanding the full complexities, that getting it out now was the best idea, so after a quick bit of signing paperwork and discussing my role in holding him still, (while he was distracted by a conversation about the Octonauts- awesome, awesome staff!) there was a quick bit of anaesthetic gel and then a big needle which made him cry and fight hard enough that he never saw the bloody great pliers coming. Just as well. I had to look away once she got a good grip, and then the tooth was out!

And after a bit of blood and thank yous, we were out of there, tooth safely in an envelope, and he was skipping on the footpath, and climbing grass mountains on the way to the car park. Recovery- tick.

(And a photo of him having learned no fear.)

There shouldn’t be any side effects of not having the tooth, though the gum will thicken up and delay the adult tooth by about a year. So what do you think, 7 1/2? That’s 3 years away! Lucky we’re going to get used to it. (We are, right?)

Then there was funny toothfairy stuff… He scored £5, after lots of talks about how the toothfairy leaves coins, and the gold ones are worth either £1 or £2. He was excited, telling Lauren about that- “the coins are £1 or £2 or £3, but this is £5!!!”

I was trying to predict what he would want to spend it on, and confidently expected Lego, but he never even paused to think- “Now I get to play Angry Piggies with mechanics!” (Our in app purchasing is disabled, for obvious reasons, and I have to confess that I couldn’t have strung this sentence together last week.) The next thing he wanted to know was, “Mummy, how do I get the money in half so that I can have this side and Seany can have this side?” He totally wanted to play Angry Piggies with his best friend! So we went around the other day, and they did. Kind of. For a little while. Both on the one iPad, despite us having two there.

(And a gross photo of the broken tooth, in situ. Sorry. Perhaps one day I’ll come back and put them up…)

Oh, he did have a wild drama one evening, somewhere between the toothfairy visit and the Angry Piggies game, about how horrible a Mummy I am, to have let the horrible toothfairy take away his darling little tooth, and he really really wants it back! And also what if the toothfairy comes back and takes him away?

Is it hard to be 4 1/2?

(And a pic of his gorgeous gappy grin.)

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