About Face Number One

Well. So, it seems that actually I am a Radical Unschooler, in my heart. Who knew?

Went to an amazing conference last weekend. Everything about it rings true, but it’s churning wildly in my head, and can’t be written about coherently, yet.

But as a start, we’re trying a little family experiment, to completely do away with kids’ chores. The rationale? Well, the kids are very busy with their own work- playing. They probably won’t see the chores as achieving anything they care about. If we push, they will respond, as people do, with resentment, avoidance and feigned incompetence. And most importantly, it will damage our relationship.

If, on the other hand, we happily help them when they ask for it, with things they actually care about, and model cheerfully helping each other whether asked or not, and show that we can enjoy the chores- that they can be a bit rewarding and even fun or interesting, then we will have happy children who like us and want to help us and maybe eventually even want to learn how to do laundry, or cook or whatever.

You with me?

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