First day of the rest of our lives?

Today was technically our first real home school day- preschool broke up on Wednesday, Thursday we went to HESFES (week-long Home Educators’ Summer Festival- more on that another time,) Friday we came home. (But we’re going back tomorrow!)

So, today. Lovely, relaxed start this morning, read a few books together, kids mostly played and watched cbeebies. (I can’t call it tv. I can’t comfortably say they spent the morning watching tv. I’m struggling with the idea that it’ll be fine, that to let them have as much as they want won’t rot their brains, but will gradually relax their desire for it and enhance our relationship. Working on that. Baby steps, huh?)

We had groceries delivered about 10, (both kids came and had a good look at the truck, and you know Henry wants to make it out of Lego, and helped carry the shopping bags in,) and then went to our best friends’ house for playing, and lunch. Came home for a couple of hours- tv went back on, but Henry was mostly playing in front of it, and asking me to help him build cool Lego stuff. I don’t read to them or play with them in the room where the tv is on, because I get cross- spend too much time waiting (feeling like chopped liver) while they watch it in fits and starts. But he came to me in the dining room a few times, with books and stuff.

I offered to show him the new place for keeping boxes and bits and pieces that might be good for building things out of, (his first suggestion for what he might like to learn about was builders,) and he was quite excited about that. Found a cardboard tube from a clingfilm roll, and we had a few minutes of very interesting conversation- he wanted to make it into a “magnetic stickerer,” (fridge magnets are a current mild interest- sticking them to the rubbish bin. Some number magnets, and cool stuff,) and suggested wrapping it in tin foil, since magnets stick to metal. We pulled out the roll of foil, and found that fridge magnets fell straight off.

“Hmmmm,” he said, “Must not be metal.” I suggested maybe magnets only stick to some kinds of metal.

I grabbed my journal, he suggested covering the tube with magnets stuck on backwards, so that other magnets would stick to them, (!) and played around for a little while while I scribbled furiously, trying to get it all down. But he’d lost my focus, and wandered off after a while to get a drink of water, and then back to the lounge room, and cbeebies. Tube and magnets littered the kitchen floor.

So, he knows about the craft cupboard, which is great, and I know I need to figure out how to record some things without losing the moment, which is good.

And then he came running back, all excited, “Mummy! Can we make a big ice cream truck, with an ice cream cone on the top? Out of cardboard! To give ice cream cones to all my little Lego people! And big Lego people!”

Such fun.

And then, we went for a walk to the library, where he was very interested in the books about diggers and borrowed one that has model instructions, and to the park on the way home.

Phew! Begin as you mean to go on, huh?

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