A few little things.


Our favourite way to wash a duvet that doesn’t fit in the machine.

On Monday, Lauren went upstairs on a double decker bus for the first time. Then at soft play, Henry took a pound coin and went up by himself to buy sweeties from the snack bar. First time.


Red food-colouring does make bread look nasty. Little cake-decorating sprinkles dissolve completely. Good to know.

Then that afternoon he suggested a role-play game, first time. I was Shopkeeper Mummy, selling Lego. The dining room has succumbed.


How we spend our time.

On Wednesday he was cross with me for getting out of the Lego instructions on the iPad, and into some facebook link. He came to look over my shoulder, while telling me I was doing the wrong thing, and got distracted by the words on the screen, “Mummy, does that word say, stop?” And yes, it did. First time.


The wonderful, wonderful Science Museum!

Good days.


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