Henry announced yesterday that zero plus three is three, and zero plus five is five. And zero plus a hundred is, yep, a hundred. But I am in (zero plus) two minds about whether I want to put these things here.

We’re just back from an amazing camp- about 35 unschooling families, in a beautiful almost-beach-side spot in Dorset. The kids both decided they love camping, in Henry’s case helped by a couple of big screen movie nights in a tent.

I am learning so much, so quickly. A lot of it from Facebook. Why is learning something from a book better than learning it from tv? And why a documentary, better than fiction- assuming of course the stuff you learn is true?

Why do we believe children are somehow future people, as opposed to people right now, with the same rights we have? It’s illegal to hit a dog, here, but not a kid.

When I started blogging, it took me away from the most gorgeous, exciting bits of my life. Only a little away, but stopping to take a photo, or being distracted by thoughts of whether/how to blog this, did interfere. And I don’t want that, now. And I don’t want this blog to feel like something we have to perform for, that will take away some of the freedom which is crucial to unschooling.

They are learning for themselves, because the world fascinates them. And I’m here to help, because of love, as well as my own fascination.

See you next time! 🙂

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