Stashing things in the loft…


“Hey kids, come see what I found in the loft!”

They ignore me in favour of Minecraft- probably just as well…

I blow the dust, which never helps with the slightly sticky black greasiness we get in the loft, though some of the weird little tree seed things that are everywhere flutter away. I wipe at the heavy leather with the sleeve of whatever I am wearing, (whoops, that would have been clean enough for another day’s wear,) and wonder if that old brass lock will still open.

Or, no, maybe it’s not like that, maybe it’s a little Star Wars droid, and it was hiding away in the recesses of the cupboard under the stairs. I press a few buttons, thump it and swear mildly, and a bunch of coloured lights flash on, flick out a random-seeming pattern, and then glow steadily, welcoming me. It says quietly, “beep-bloop,” which obviously means, “Well, it’s about bloody time, woman.”

Yes, rather.

However it might have happened, (and “whatever” to the stinky kids,) look, you guys, I found my blog!



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