Things I Want To Talk About…


Playing with furniture. Work in progress.

And women’s big hats. Henry told me a story recently about an early cinema, having trouble convincing women to remove their big hats, which blocked the view of people behind them. They solved it by putting up signs saying, “Would young ladies please remove large hats. Elderly ladies may keep theirs on.”

People are so darn clever.

What if we did something similar with cigarettes- made them belong to old ladies? Instead of a leather jacket, advertising could pair them with a twin set and pearls, or a really sexy Zimmer frame.

Wouldn’t it be fun if the long term consequences didn’t matter?

Also, we have big, big plans! We’re taking a gap year. Dave had major heart surgery a few years ago, and I have now lived around Croydon longer than I’ve ever lived on one continent before. And I guess there will be puberty soon, God help us. Henry’s 9, Lauren’s nearing 7, my folks have finally retired, and it sure is time.

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