The Death of Slenderman

By Henry Miller, February 2018. Dictated to Mummy. Disclaimer- I don’t know how original this is.

Now the story begins.

It was 1937.

Slenderman is a fictional creature. He was walking down a ghost hallway when all of a sudden, a portal appeared right in front of him. It had the word Creepy Pasta on it and Slenderman was immediately sucked into that portal by a giant tenticle.

Then he was teleported into a house. He didn’t know where he was. He looked around and soon saw a person. He was running along an inspiration for a photoshopping contest he had entered.

The person saw Slenderman and without noticing that Slenderman was being watched, the person immediately drew Slenderman onto a piece of paper. Then Slenderman noticed he was being drawn and he was teleported into the woods.

Then he was confronted by a person who immediately called the police, the FBI and the government. Then he was shot by a massive laserbeam that came down from the sky. Then his corpse was thrown into a black hole.

Then Slenderman invented the time machine, went back to kill his grandfather and having invented a time paradox the time machine exploded and he was immediately sent back to 1937. Then he started abducting children and growing larger and larger until his final catch was a little girl that turned him into a supersize slenderman.

Then he began to destroy artefacts all over the world.

Then the government of each nation aligned together. Their final battle with him was in China. Then with the help of two helicopters they transformed into a giant mech and began to destroy him. And then the mech kicked the butt off him and the butt was transformed into a great spider and then it was immediately took out by a giant laser beam from a helicopter. Then the mech and the two helicopters immediately transformed into a great tank that immediately shot the biggest laser beam ever created in humanity.

Then Slenderman died. He exploded into a giant pile of babies and captured children. The babies were sent to an orphanage and the children returned to their homes.

The End.

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