My Brain is in NSW

A couple of days ago I called London Sydney, and tonight I called Scotland Queensland- whoopsie!

Here’s Henry:


My head is ready to go. My suitcases not so much. 5 days from now we’ll be at the hotel at Heathrow, and you know, the mess in the house is pretty superficial- stacks of boxes waiting to be put in the loft, a strew of Lego across the dining room floor that all goes in one box. We might actually pull this off.

Henry says he’s not ready to go. It’s all a bit big and scary, but our first stop is ten days with one of his dearest friends. And a swimming pool. And from there we go on to Gran’s. He’s going to love it.

Henry asks me to type that he says (cutest baby voice): I’m sleepy. Dere we doe.

Blogging with a bored 9yo on your arm.

I don’t have a lot to tell yet, anyway.  Just making the house less absurd for the lovely folks who are coming to stay while we’re away- shoving some things out of sight and other things in suitcases. And making it so I’ll be all happy to get back, when it’s time. What’s not to love, right?


I feel kinda weird about putting photos on Facebook, of all the best bits to come. I’m being quiet about it all because I’m afraid of looking like I want to gloat about my fabulous life. So, if you want to see lots of the good stuff, (and you trust that I’m not going, “Haha, suckers, look what I’ve got!”) please pop back here, starting in 5 days!


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