I have this idea, for a website that lists good books by location, so that you don’t end up on holiday in Thailand reading something wonderful, but set in India. I said to Dave, “What a great idea! I’m going to email Lonely Planet! Or goodreads!”

He was not impressed. Granted, 5 minutes earlier I’d been trying to think of a project for myself, for this year. I’d thought briefly of bringing crochet, which I’m a keen beginner at, but yarn and 32 degree days don’t dance.

I love ideas. Following through, not so much. I make things happen, sometimes, but with people and love, not with wikis and spreadsheets. <shudder> Somebody make that website happen, please?


We’re in Phuket, and it’s lush. 32 is killing us, (which confirms the wisdom of not arriving at my parents’ place in Albury, NSW in the summer, when 45 is not unheard-of, (see you guys next week!)) so we’re swimming in the mornings, while the pool is in the shade, then hiding indoors til 5ish. Thank goodness for good WiFi! Then we meet up with our very dear friends who set off travelling indefinitely last October, for beach/dinner/play dates. (They have been to Bali and Sri Lanka, and lots of Thailand, with kids of 7, 5 and 2! See them at

We have a tour booked for tomorrow, and I’m taking Dave for a fancy dinner on Thursday. We have kinda-sorta-maybe plans to try snorkelling one day with the kids, and there may be massages, but the lazy days feel perfect at the moment and we won’t be disappointed if we just carry on like this.

Now, catch you later- I’ll be in India til lunchtime.

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