Dream Vortex

First Draft, dictated by Henry Miller.

There’s a festival going on in the town of Hampsbid. They’re going on a festival with their super-advanced technology, this is in the year 2192. Using their super-advanced technology, they shrink down every single person and fit them inside of a top hat. And then one person stays around and drives everybody around in a car and makes sure that everyone can go to sleep and share their dreams of Hampsbid. So, at that exact moment lightning strikes the car through the open sunroof and all of the people instead of immediately dying they all simultaneously get their brainwaves strengthened, and launch their dreams throughout the world.

Every single person is asleep right now, so that means that every single person in every single corner of the Earth is asleep. So, that means that altogether the world is split in half between fantasy dreamers and real dreamers. There’s not a war or anything, but there is a band of a million superheroes that set out to stop people that wish to have infinite money or don’t immediately see the consequences of their actions.

There’s not a consistent villain but the most prominent villain that appears in multiple episodes is called Nightmare. Their mission in Season Two is to destroy all of his bases throughout the dream world where people who don’t have control over their dreams get nightmares and end up destroying the city they’re in.

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