In which we stop gallivanting. But not forever!

So, we left Australia for Bali, had a wonderful month, went to Singapore for a few days of amazingness, and had just gotten to Ho Chi Minh City when my very dear friend Hannah’s travels went quite badly wrong. Her 5yo had a terrible fall and a head injury that kept her in a Bali hospital for a week, and the day after they got her home the earthquakes started. Yes, those earthquakes that have now killed more than 2000 people, and seem to still be going on. They couldn’t fly, couldn’t get out of there, I can’t even. (They’re home now, and recovering in every way.)

We stayed 2 weeks in Vietnam and were then on our fabulous 2 week cruise to Brisbane, (we saw Komodo dragons! The kids stayed alone in the cabin while Dave and I went for dinner! Cruising is very very weird, but awesome,) when we had news from home that my in-laws would likely not be joining us in New Zealand, as my fil had some weird blood stuff going on that they needed to sort out.

We had another few days in Hervey Bay, including the most amazing whale watching tour ever, and then hopped a flight home. It’s all good, don’t worry, and we’re very grateful for the ability to be here while there’s health stuff going on. We were mostly looking forward to the grandparents time in NZ- I know it’s beautiful and we’ll get there one day, but I think we were all a bit travelled out, to be honest, and as it turned out my folks went off to Pennsylvania in July to check out a business opportunity with my brother, and only got home a couple of days ago- keeping their commitment to meet us in NZ would have seriously cramped their style there, too.

So, now we’re in France at the holiday house, enjoying stunning autumn weather, eating far too well, playing games and watching workmen build a swimming pool. Life is sweet, we’re still calling it “Our Big Round the World Adventure,” and we may find ourselves in Rome or the US or who knows where else between now and March.





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